90sHT by Nasya Marie

90sHT by Nasya Marie

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90sHT is a highly encouraging, self-defining interactive journal. This journal is a coming-of-age lyrical ode to the '90s, women, Hip-Hop, womanism, fashion, love, and acceptance. Most importantly, this is a declaration that you are your own Heartthrob.


"Before I let my heart beat for you, I need to fall in love with me before I fall for you". -Nasya Marie



Teenage recording artist Nasya Marie shares her empowering message about falling in love with yourself and daring to dream big during the journey of self-love. 90sHT contains beautiful pictures captured during her music video shoot in Los Angeles, CA directed and filmed by music video director Dana Rice. It also contains inspiring '90s illustrations created by Mark Weems in each section.


This journal is designed to give teens and tweens a safe place to explore their most intimate feelings, to encourage them to understand healthy relationships and boundaries, and to set personal goals.-


  • 116 pages
  • Beautiful illustrations of '90s sayings
  • 10+ interactive exercises
  • Inspiring photography
  • A history exercise and reflection
  • Self-exploratory reflections
  • A section to define the reader's personal brand statement


This is the perfect gift for teenagers, birthdays, and graduation. This book also serves as a great discussion piece centered around relationships, racial and gender equality, African-American culture, and self-awareness.


Personalized copy w/autograph option:

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About the Author

Nasya Marie is a singer/songwriter. She founded her family label and street wear clothing line brand xoMTG with their sisters PB&Jtoo and parents Keys of Philadelphia who are also authors and label mates. Their label is currently releasing multimedia projects with the same title for each artist. You can find the song and music video 90sHT wherever music is streamed and sold. Their Youtube is channel Our Big Green Life. www.xomtg.com www.nasyamarie.com www.xomachinethegreen.com

Dana Rice is a director, editor, colorist, and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience shooting and editing feature films, short films, TV series, and music videos. His work has appeared on networks such as Showtime, Cinemax, TMC, ESPN, MTV, BET, The History Channel, and NetFlix. As a music video director, cinematographer, and editor, his work has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube. www.danariceproductions.com

Mark Weems is an illustrator and artist from Baltimore, MD. He is the illustrator of MissUnderstood by PB&Jtoo and 90sHT by Nasya Marie. He also provides creative direction for the brands of xoMTG. Instagram @dolothegoat

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Size 8.5 x 8.5

Format: Paperback

Pages: 114


ISBN 978-1733176927